Justine Zipagan


Health and wellness have always been front and center in Justine’s life priorities, having had a long career in the healthcare industry while embarking on her own personal fitness journey, which led her to discover just what the body and mind are really capable of with hard work and dedication. She believes that movement is medicine and that the proper understanding of the mechanics and technique of movement is the key to success in achieving long-term fitness goals. She has always searched for opportunities for fitness, having been on a varsity swim team, high diving team, skin and scuba diving club, a mountaineering club, and a dragonboat rowing team. She worked out in traditional gyms before discovering CrossFit in 2020, and never looked back. She hit the ground running in 2024 moving on to CrossFit coaching, in the hope of sharing what she has learned on her fitness journey to others.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – 2024
  • CrossFit Judges Course – 2024