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What makes Suffield Fitness Factory different?

Once you come in you will realize this is not your average gym


Suffield Fitness Factory / Land Warrior CrossFit is a safe and welcoming environment to improve your health and fitness. We support you wherever you are on your fitness journey. Incredible transformation takes place when you challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone and combine the hard work of fitness with a supportive community and outstanding coaching.


Our focus is on making our athletes better at what they do outside the gym – biking, skiing, running, playing with your kids, living. When overall strength and power output is increased, we are better at our chosen pursuits. When the capacity to engage our whole body is improved, we are more durable and less prone to injury.


Suffield Fitness Factory welcomes every new face with open arms and encouragement. Maybe the pursuit of fitness is what first gets you here; but you stay because of the community. Genuine friendships emerge and Suffield Fitness Factory becomes more than just a place to work out. Making lasting changes in your health and fitness is hard; having community makes all the difference.


From Day 1, our primary mission has been to create a friendly, non-intimidating and supportive environment that gets people strong and keeps them safe and healthy. Our coaches and personal trainers emphasize instruction and safety. In our class and personal training settings, we are dedicated to delivering a well-programmed and coached fitness experience.

Why Choose Suffield Fitness Factory / Land Warrior CrossFit?

Suffield Fitness Factory / Land Warrior CrossFit is an all inclusive fitness facility that assists anyone who is looking to become a better version of themselves. We do this by offering Group Classes (CrossFit and Shred), Personal Training and a self accessed Fitness Factory (traditional gym) for those who want to work out on their own. Suffield Fitness Factory is located at 110 Ffyler Place, Suffield, CT in a 10,000 square foot functional fitness facility that is self accessed using our operating system’s app and HybridAF – essentially making your workouts accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

It is no secret that Land Warrior CrossFit is one of the best CrossFit affiliates and functional fitness facilities in Northern CT and we’re proud to be able to also offer other alternatives to the community with our Fitness Factory option. From our top notch coaching, friendly and welcoming community and overall positive vibe, your experience at Suffield Fitness Factory / Land Warrior CrossFit will be nothing short of amazing.

Our Story

Dave Tripp opened Land Warrior CrossFit in November of 2012, dedicated to honor his brother, MSG Brian Tripp. Brian was tragically one of the 22 US Veterans who commit suicide every day. The number 22 is not just a number or statistic, it is a deep scar in the Tripp family’s life, it is a hole that will never be filled, it is a question that can never be answered.

MSG Brian Tripp was born 7 March 1968, and served for 23 years in the US military. Like so many of our returning men and women, he secretly battled unresolved issues and left us far too early on Easter Sunday, 24 April 2011.

Suffield Fitness Factory / Land Warrior CrossFit was created to honor Brian and to provide anyone who needs it, a place to find peace and solace through exercise.

MSG Brian Tripp Memorial WOD

AMRAP in 23 minutes

3 Pull-Ups
7 Wall Balls (20/14 lb)
19 Sit-Ups
68 Double-Unders

On a 23 minute clock, perform as many rounds and repetitions as possible (AMRAP) of the work in the order written. Score is the total number of rounds and repetitions completed before the 23-minute clock stops.

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