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    What makes Suffield Fitness Factory different?

    Suffield Fitness Factory is dedicated to providing our community of athletes with the very best facility, up to date equipment and the most knowledgeable coaching staff. The training our coaches provide will invigorate athletes to not only accomplish their set goals, but establish future goals in order to maintain a continual sense of accomplishment; with those two core elements, our athletes’ fitness goals are endless. We operate a clean and professional environment where every athlete has a place and is welcome. Our certified coaches are the most skilled and inspirational trainers available, they express their expertise with sincerity through their interactions, instructions, and the education they provide to all athletes. We, at Suffield Fitness Factory, are passionate about our training, our program, our facility and the progression of each athlete’s potential. We value our athletes and genuinely care about their health, fitness, and satisfaction in any of the programs we offer.

    What do people say about us?

    • I’ve been to CrossFit gyms literally all over the world and US and this is top 3 for me. Hidden gem and would highly recommend even if you are not into CrossFit (yet) and want to have access to a fully stocked functional fitness gym. Reasons why: 1) Unbelievably equipped gym, massive spacing with turf, sleds, heavy sand bags, GHD, reverse hyper, AND a fully body building machine/free weight side of the gym 2) BEST PART – 24 hour access via a remote entry app they have on phone. I would come at odd hours outside of class or even during a class and you could always get your programming in regardless of when you had time 3) I didn’t participate in many classes because I was on a different program but the coaches were attentive and the programming looked balanced. Not doing back to back days for 45 min AMRAPs like I have done at other gyms Also have a lower cost membership if you just want access to the more traditional body building side of the gym which is also fully stocked.

      Matthew Hinchey
    • SFF is a great community with the nicest owners, supportive coaching, lots of equipment, and one of the cleanest CrossFit gyms! Dave and Sue created a very positive environment to workout and make friends. I came to SFF after the gym I’d been a member for 5 years closed during COVID-19. I was heartbroken to lose my community and great coaching. Also, wasn’t happy about increasing from 7 minutes to 15 minutes one way drive time. I am happier than ever, making great progress in my fitness at 40, and found another welcoming community.

      Daniel Pratola
    • Suffield Fitness Factory has been part of my life since I joined Nov 2013 when it was Land Warrior CrossFit. Not only top notch equipment and a great space, but the community itself brings you back for more and the owners Dave and Sue are those people who legitimately care about everyone. That’s what sets this place apart from the rest. No matter where I have been in my health and fitness journey, I have been supported 100% here.

      Nicole Miranda
    • I never considered myself a “gym” person because I don’t like the atmosphere and don’t like to be watched. But this place is NOT like that! Everyone is so supportive – coaches and other members. Such a sense of community and friendly atmosphere. Great space and top-notch equipment.

      Kelly Schoner
    • Excellent Box. Dropped in for a 4pm Class before flying out. Dave even took me to the airport. Highly recommend this Box to anyone in the area. If I am back will certainly return.

      Matt Hinnant

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    110 Ffyler Place, Suffield, CT 06078