TrueMed + CrossFit

Good news – your Land Warrior CrossFit membership may qualify for FSA/HSA reimbursement through TrueMed, saving you 30-40% on your membership fees!

Here is how it works:

-You pay your monthly membership as normal. 

-Click on the graphic to the left or this link to fill out TrueMed’s medical survey. If approved, you will receive a Letter of Medical Necessity from TrueMed via email outlining that CrossFit can help prevent or reverse a condition you care about.

-You will now reimburse CrossFit membership fees as you would any other medical expense. This usually involves uploading receipts (found in StreamFit!) and TrueMed’s letter to your HSA/FSA administrator. This only needs to be done once per year (although you are free to submit reimbursements monthly).

For detailed instructions on how to reimburse, please see this document.

What if you have further questions, call or text TrueMed directly at (206) 738-7521 or email [email protected].

What does it mean that you can save 30%-40% on your membership fees? 30%-40% is the amount saved by reimbursing with tax-free HSA/FSA funds, savings is equal to income tax rate.