Athlete of the Month – August 2022

Our athlete of the month for August is Nicole Pease!  Nicole has been consistently working hard and really focusing on good movement. Her hard work and dedication deserves recognition – keep up the good work Nicole, we’re proud of you!

HOMETOWN: Longmeadow, MA

AGE:  36


OCCUPATION:  Athletic Trainer

INTERESTING FACT:  I held my high school discus record for 15 years!

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF:  The atmosphere. I love the fact that I’m encouraged to do me! Everyone at LWCF is so encouraging and days I struggle it’s just what I need. There is something about this place that just pushes me to do better every day! 

FAVORITE WOD:  Open 20.4!

HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT:  We moved to Suffield and I was recovering from a bad cycling crash, had finally had graduated PT and was ready to work out again. I’ve always wanted to try CrossFit , so I did the 3 day trial and was hooked.

GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS:  Staying consistent and be able to power clean triple digits!

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT:  DO YOU! Listen to your body and don’t be discouraged by those around you. Everyone is here to help and want to see you achieve your goals! Some days are good and some days may be bad but you’re moving and helping your body more than you know!