Athlete of the Month – July 2022

Our athlete of the month for July is Dave Barringer!  Dave has been working hard this spring and being super consistent in his fitness (including participating with the 75 Hard crew!) – he’s always a great cheerleader for his fellow athletes.  This is well deserved Dave, we appreciate your dedication to your own fitness, your support of the community and your friendship – keep up the good work.

HOMETOWN:  Windsor Locks 

AGE:  51


OCCUPATION:  Therapist

INTERESTING FACT:  I used to be related by marriage to Rachael Ray. I have had dinner at her house.

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF:  The community and the challenge!

FAVORITE WOD:  Don’t want to copy Jen, but Murph, I like the long chippers!

HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT:  I was looking for something different to do, and someone suggested trying CrossFit.

GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS:  Hand stand walks, sub 45 minute Murph and being able to string together bar muscle ups.

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT:  Don’t be intimidated by the work outs, always remember to make each WOD work for you.